Four days to enjoy Milan and its surroundings

« Summer seems like a long lost dream, and yet just a few months ago the weather was nice enough to hang out and have spring walks. If you were feeling a little bit down because of the cold weather spreading all over Europe, just let me make you travel a little bit through time and space. The spring is right here, the temperature is getting warmer, and you feel like you have plenty of new things you want to do. And why not begin all of this by going on a vacation? This led me to Milan, a few days to plunge myself into the warm, bright and welcoming atmosphere of northern Italy. »

I went in Italy in May 2016, and I spent there a few days around Milan, Como and Bergamo. I was delighted by the warm and peaceful atmosphere that I felt there, as I was enjoying the spring, walking in the streets of this cities just before the real start of the touristic season.

You can read the full article on Travelicious World to enjoy all the feelings and get my tips to make the most of your time there if you happen to pass by!


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