Who am I?


Welcome on Nanjary !

Hi ! My name is Philippine and I am an apprentice journalist. I write articles for my school webzine and I occasionally work with local newspapers during the summer. I am interested in a very large range of subjects, from society to new technologies, but above all I have a strong interest in people, their projects, their culture…

Traveling through Slovakia and Mongolia since September, I will try to immerse myself in foreign customs, learn about people, history and explore tremendous landscapes... And this is giving me lots of inspiration and materials for new articles !


A sciences-po student, what is it ?

I am currently a third-year student at Sciences Po Lille. It is an institute of political sciences, accessible through competitive examination. There I study journalism and liberal arts such as political behavior, public policies, macroeconomics, and modern history.

For now I am currently abroad for a whole year, which is part of Sciences Po Lille's program), which began by an academic semester in the Media Department of the Pan-European University in Bratislava (Slovakia). Starting February I will spend four months as an intern in Mongolia, working for the UB Post Mongolia and the NTV Channel in Ulaanbaatar.

Where I come from

Before entering Sciences Po Lille, I took undergraduate courses of liberal arts during two years to prepare nationwide competitive exams at Le Parc High School (in Lyon), one of the top three Prep schools in France.

What's next?

Have a great time exploring my portfolio, and don't hesitate to get in touch through the contact form !